MU USA Parenting Coordinator

Passionate about Parenting began as one of The Worldwide Mothers’ Union’s millennium projects in 1999 in the U.K, and by 2004 a pilot phase began to take the Parenting Program beyond the U.K. and into communities around the world. This program is all about encouraging parents in their role to increase the stability of family life as is prescribed in the Mothers’ Union Objectives. It is designed to support families in their relationships and to build strong communities.


This Parenting Training Course is designed to support and inspire parent groups and caregivers to enjoy their children at every stage of their development. Some may focus on the needs of new parents and others with teenagers and adolescents. Whatever the case the program provides an opportunity for caregivers to get together in a supportive environment to share the joys and challenges of bringing up their children.


It all began here in the United States of America in October of 2019 when twelve facilitators were trained and prepared to take on the role of Parenting facilitators for the Mothers’ Union USA Province. The training was conducted by Kathleen Snow, Zonal Trustee for Zone B where MU USA falls under and Lena Edmonson both amazing Worldwide Trainers whose passion for the Program exudes their confidence. We came out of the training feeling blessed, ready, and prepared to take on the roles as catalysts for the change that society lacks in good parenting.


The course was conducted at the 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase MD from October 25-28 2019. It was a four-day intense training to equip the facilitators with the different aspects of good parenting including cultural diversity, and the many other ways to effectively communicate within the family structure. The training concluded on the fifth day with the awarding of certificates to the successful candidates and the enrollment of our first Clergy member, The Reverend Dr. Frank Hume-Dawson by our Zonal Trustee.


Thanks to Sister Eugenia During who successfully secured our first group of parents to pilot the program here in April of this year, but had to postpone it to a later date due to the current pandemic situation in the USA.


The Trained Certified Facilitators for the Mothers’ Union USA Province are:


Evelyn Alleyne
Rita Johnson
Eugenia During
Eugenia Palmer
Rosanna Brathwaite

Sally Jarrett

Adelaide Wilson
Catherine Smith-Dugay
Colleen Brown-Palmer
Blossie Lewis
Gem Samson
Annie Beckley