How we fund our work

Mothers’ Union aims to reduce dependency and to work in partnership, strategically looking at how we work with and equip all Mothers’ Union members worldwide.

  • At the local level Mothers’ Union Branches fundraise and run individual projects to meet specific local needs.
  • At the national and international level, Mothers’ Union resources members and provides funding for core programs such as the Literacy & Financial Education Program, or the Parenting Program.   

Money raised for Mothers’ Union comes from membership subscriptions from within the USA Province, as well as support from individuals, and partnerships.  


We are dependent on the committed support from members and supporters to move forward with our strategic vision.


How we are funded


Mothers’ Union is a membership-based charity with 500 members in the USA. 90% of our income is from membership subscriptions. Each member pays a subscription to their local Mothers’ Union Branch/Chapter, through fundraising efforts and an annual Thanksgiving Service. 10% comes from donations from our supporters and well-wishers. A percentage supports our local work in our community and beyond, and another percentage goes towards central funds for emergency aid and disaster.  


Donations and fundraising

Each Mothers’ Union area (diocese) gives towards program work around the world through their fundraising and other activities. You can use the give online button on this page to donate now.

Where your money goes

Mothers’ Union is a federation of Chapters. We work in partnership with other Mothers’ Union Branches around the United States to carry out our vision. 


The Mothers’ Union partners and work with various Organizations within our community and beyond. We’ve partnered with and provide funding for:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • The Arlington Food Assistance Center
  • Central Mission
  • Episcopal Relief Development
  • Each Chapter’s affiliated Home Parish and Community