Address & Contact Info

Address: 2217 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204, USA
Contact: Sylvia Porter at


Third Saturday of every month (except July) at 11:00am.



Mission & History

The Mothers’ Union Branch of Trinity Episcopal Church (Arlington, VA) exists to develop prayer, spiritual growth, caring and support for each other so that we may empower members to take practical action to improve the condition of families in our community and to be an advocate for parents and children.


The Mother’s Union Branch of Arlington, VA was launched on the 9th of March, 2003 and became officially affiliated with Trinity Episcopal Church on September 26, 2004. Current Membership is around 20 active members.



What We Do

  • MUTEC contributed to this mission by providing one hundred (100) holiday dinners. Central Union Mission is located in Washington, DC and provides shelter and food for the homeless in the area.
  • MUTEC supports AFAC (a food bank based in Arlington) on an ongoing basis.  MUTEC collects and donates canned and dried food to help maintain AFAC and volunteers there as well.

  • MUTEC supports TEC’s ministries when able.

  • MUTEC continues to provide financial support to our sick and shut-in members 

  • In keeping with our mission we continue to strive to develop our prayer and spiritual life, build team spirit and support and to celebrate each member with prayers, phone calls a 

  • We morally support other Mothers’ Union branches in the Mothers’ Union USA (MUUSA) at their events


Other Updates

  • 2018 brought a change in the leadership and executive of MUTEC in October. A smooth transition followed the annual Thanksgiving service which marked its 15th anniversary. 
  • In alignment with the Mothers’ Union worldwide mandate, we at  MUTEC observes with regularity: 
    1. Christian Unity Prayer Week in January 
    2. The Annunciation of our Lord: Lady Day, & Founding Date Combined Celebrations  – in March
    3. Thy Kingdom Come” (a worldwide wave of prayer) in May 
    4. 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence (GBV) in December with prayers and individual actions of sensitizing people in our orbits with the facts and statistics and effects of GBV.
  • We trained in the Mothers’ Union new initiative of MULOA –MU Look, Observe, Act