All Saints Igbo Anglican Church mothers union

We continue to raise awareness on the importance of mothers union in the selfless service of Church and humanity.  We shall continue relentlessly to

  • Grow our union in the church and community.
  • Play a major part in completing our new church building at Cheverly Maryland.
  • Supporting and promoting Acolyte participation at the Acolyte Festival at the Washington Cathedral.
  • Assisting in preparing our children for baptism and confirmation
  • Thanksgiving / and Enrollment service every year.
  • Fulfilling our fiscal obligation by timely payment of dues to our parent bodies (USA Province and Mary Sumner house of England)
  • Attending other MU branches’ Thanksgiving occasions in spirit of sisterhood.

Mother’s Union of All Saints Igbo Anglican Church remains strong and committed to the growth and services of the church and families in need.