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Address: 4401 W Oakland Park Blvd, Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33313, USA
Contact: Colleen Brown-Palmer at


Meets monthly every 3rd Saturday at 10am

Corporate Communion every 3rd Sunday Service.


Visitors are welcome!




Our History

The Episcopal Church of Atonement Mothers Union branch was formed by Mrs. Mazel Medley and commissioned into service on September 27, 1992 with about 27 ladies. Mrs. Medley served as the first Branch Leader / Enrolling Member and was the Director of the branch for several years. Since then, the branch has grown in numbers and strength, with many of the original members still enthusiastically serving, along with new members offering service to the church and the wider community.


Our focus includes the youth and we have proud to have provided thousands of dollars to date in higher education scholarships to the youth of the church; supporting marriage and families; comforting and caring for the elderly, sick, and shut-ins; and helping those in our community facing adversity.







Some of our outreach projects include:


Marriage Celebration:  The Mothers Union helps to support and strengthen marriages in our community by organizing workshops and seminars for couples, widows/widowers, and unmarried persons. We have also recognized outstanding couples who are examples to follow. This effort supports our belief that a stable marriage provides a strong home environment for the children and the community.


Scholarships: Our branch provides scholarships annually to high school graduates who have been accepted into colleges/universities.


Back to School Fair: The Church of Atonement Mothers Union spearheads a back to school fair annually in August, providing needed back to school supplies to elementary, middle, and high school students.


Caring for the sick and the elderly: The Mothers Union provides comfort families in times of bereavement; visiting and supporting the sick, elderly, and shut-ins in our community


Christmas Treat: Annually we organize, distribute and provide Christmas treats for the children and the elderly in our community during the Christmas season.


Lady Day Award: For Lady Day the Church of Atonement Mothers Union encourage volunteerism by giving an award to a Lady for her outstanding work in volunteering her time, and talent to the community.


Mothering Sunday: The Mothers Union in collaboration with the children in the Sunday School design cards with messages of love and appreciation to mothers on Mothering Sunday. We give prizes to the best cards in each age group category. Some of the messages are read during the service and the children are given token of appreciation for their participation and effort.


Mary Sumner Day: Each year our branch celebrates Mary Sumner Day. This year we had a candle light prayer and intercession, reflecting on the works, deeds, and vision of Mary Sumner and the Mothers’ Union organization which she founded.


Prayer and Reconciliation: Each year our Mothers Union branch hosts a Quiet Day of Reflection and Reconciliation to renew our spirituality and Christian faith through prayers, intersessions and moments of Quiet Reflection. We also participate in the worldwide prayer for peace and participate in activities to build awareness of the types of violence against women and how they can seek help.