Address & Contact Info

Address: 7509 Van Dyke Rd, Odessa, FL 33556, USA
Contact: Kacy Donlon at


Meets monthly every second Sunday at 10:45 a.m.


Mission and Ministry

Mothers’ Union at Resurrection Parish is a young branch. Our focus on working to help and uplift women, children and families.  We work with the Rafikis, African refugee families. They have an active prayer life, and are involved in their parish in every possible way. We support our church financially and in community celebrations. Resurrection Parish Mothers’ Union prays together with Diocesan and parish gatherings.


What We Do

  1. We have a thriving African refugee connection.  We offer several free market day centered around fresh fruits and vegetables, paper goods, and COVID products a year.   There is also an annual backpack gift, a Christmas Party, and baby showers.
  2. Often, we are called to host receptions and celebrations, including baptisms, weddings, parties and convocations.  Most recently, we raised funds to provide a stained glass window for the church remodeling.
  3. To afford our projects, we hold an Annual Craft Fair.
  4. Local, Diocesan, Provincial, and Worldwide Prayer vigils.
  5. An annual Scholarship Fund is available for school or missionary work.