St. John’s Episcopal/Anglican Church Mothers’ Union

4114 34th Street, Mt. Rainer, MD 20712

“Our Vision is to show God’s love through loving, 
Respectful and flourishing relationship


The Mothers’ Union of St. John’s Episcopal/Anglican Church was founded on January, 02, 2004 and was affiliated with Mothers’ Union USA on Sunday, November 07, 2004. 

The St. John’s Mothers’ Union celebrates its annual Thanksgiving Services on the third Sunday in August every year.  We have Corporate Communion every first Sunday of the month during the 10:00 a.m. Service followed our general meetings.  We always start our meetings with a short bible study of the women in the bible.

Our Mothers’ Union focus includes the children and youth, we are very involved with their Christian Education.  They are in a unique place and we work toward helping them to grow up knowing God as their Saviour Jesus Christ. We help to provide meals and materials for St. John’s yearly Vacation Bible School, which has up to sixty children a week during the month of July.  Few of our members are Sunday School Teachers.  Every year we give a small scholarship to children going off to college or on graduation Sunday.  We sponsor the Children’s Christmas Party every year for children in and out of the Church. We support the Acolytes and help to groom them for the Acolyte Festival at the Washington Cathedral every year.  We also support marriage and families, caring for the elderly, sick, and shut-in members.

Christ House which is a facility in Adams Morgan, Washington DC, houses up to eighty men and women who are in transition from hospital to a permanent place.  We provide dinner for them every third Sunday of the month, and so that everyone gets an opportunity to do ministry, we are divided into four groups.

 We continue our outreach programs by sending barrels to different countries once a year. Also, we give out Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter basket of perishable and non-perishable foods to the needy in and out of St. John’s Episcopal/Anglican Church. We also support the Church financially where it is necessary.