The Episcopal Church of the Atonement Mothers’ Union

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The Episcopal Church of Atonement Mothers Union branch was formed by Mrs. Mazel Medley and commissioned into service on September 27,1992 with roughly 45 ladies.  Mrs. Medley served as the first  Branch Leader / Enrolling Member and has been the Director of the branch over the years. Since then, the branch has grown in numbers and strength, with a number of the original members enthusiastically serving, along with an infusion of new member offering service to  the church and wider community.
 Our focus includes the youth - we are proud to have provided thousands of dollars to date in higher education scholarships to the youth of the church; supporting marriage and families; comforting and caring for the elderly, sick, and shut-in members of our community; building a Christian community; and helping those facing adversity - where we have contributed to many causes.
Since its inception, the following members have led the branch as Enrolling Member/ Branch Leaders of the Episcopal Church of the Atonement Mothers’ Union:
Mazel Medley
Thelma Francis
Dee Rickett
Marcia Stewart
Colleen Brown-Palmer