Our Focus

The high rate of unemployment and under-employment in the United States has caused real hardship for families, including an increase in homelessness or families facing poverty. Responding to the overwhelming needs, Mothers’ Union members in the USA have given their time, money, and talents to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless, the needy and the destitute in their communities.

Across a number of states, Mothers’ Union USA members run soup kitchens and provide toiletries for the homeless and families in need.

At Christ House, a homeless shelter with about 60 occupants, Mothers’ Union USA members serve hot meals. Another Mothers’ Union group serves three-course meals to approximately 40 to 50 people every month as Community Dinners. Non perishable goods are distributed to them after the dinner.

At Sophia House, home to approximately 32 women affected by domestic violence, Mothers’ Union USA members offer hot lunches as well as providing toiletries for the women, many of whom arrive at Sophia House with only the clothes on their back having left a dangerous situation in a hurry.

Mothers’ Union USA are a continued source of support for the sick and elderly members of the community and over Christmas will always prepare and deliver baskets of cheer to each one.

The current economy has also imposed a negative impact on the financial provision of some families especially towards the education of their children. Some Mothers’ Union groups are providing school supplies for students while others are offering scholarships.

Mothers’ Union USA lead baptism classes for parents and godparents, whilst also donating Bibles to confirmation candidates. In the festive season, Mothers’ Union USA provides gifts and necessary items for orphans and needy children.

Mothers' Union members: 500